Activities at Victoria Falls Livingstone Zambia - luxury adventure package

The Victoria Falls Livingstone area has a range of activities for everyone – romantics, adventurers, adrenalin junkies and explorers. Activities should be booked well ahead to ensure availability. 

Depending on your choice of luxury accommodation at Victoria Falls, some activities listed below may be included in the fully inclusive accommodation rate. To avoid local service charges, it is recommended that all activities that are not included in the accommodation rate, as well as the transfers to those activities, be paid in advance at the time of paying for accommodation.

We recommend that family groups privatize their activities and transfers where this option is available, by paying the applicable supplement. This will create a more flexible time schedule and the exclusivity will allow for quality family time spent together at Victoria Falls.

All wildlife encounters and adventure or adrenaline activities are done at own risk, and the operator may require you to sign an indemnity form before allowing you to participate.  

Activities at Victoria Falls Livingstone in Zambia may be weather-dependent and some are seasonal. Some activities may have an age limit, or may require a minimum number of participants. Not all activities are easily accessible from all luxury accommodation establishments. Certain activities may complement the rest of your itinerary better than others. Contact us for a tailor-made luxury activity package at Victoria Falls.

Popular activities to include in a luxury package at Victoria Falls Livingstone in Zambia

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  • SCENIC FLIGHT (highly recommended): Exhilarating with magnificent aerial views of the Victoria Falls from above the spray from where the sheer size and grandeur of the spectacle become clearer.  Standard 12 minute helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. Extended 25 minute helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, spectacular Batoka Gorge and Mosi-oa-Tunya national park. Microlight flights are also available.
  • LIVINGSTONE ISLAND VISIT (highly recommended; seasonal): Tiny island right on the lip of the chasm, from where Dr. David Livingstone first saw the Victoria Falls; still the best place to witness this spectacular mass of water! Access is by twin-engine aluminium boat through the channels of the Zambezi River – a 5 to 10 minute ride. Optional seasonal swimming is available in Devil’s Pool - a rock pool right at the edge of the Falls. Visits include a guided tour of the island, viewing the Victoria Falls, and a selection of drinks and eats depending on the time of the visit. Catering provided on the island is of a high standard. 
  • RIVER EXCURSION: A unique nature experience, available at various times of the day, in a motorized boat. Hippos, crocodiles and birds are the main wildlife attractions. Other animals such as elephants, giraffe, buffalo, antelope and baboons are often seen on the river banks. A selection of drinks and snacks are included depending on the time of day. The views are a highlight and a sundowner excursion is a wonderful experience - sip on a refreshing cocktail while watching a memorable sunset over the majestic Zambezi River.  
  • VICTORIA FALLS WALKING TOUR: Facing the falling water of the Victoria Falls is another sheer wall of basalt, rising to the same height, and capped by a mist-soaked rain forest. A path along the edge of the forest provides the visitor with a series of awe-inspiring views of the Falls. Rainbows constantly form and collapse in the tropical sunlight. Lunar rainbows (also called moonbows) can be seen seasonally at full moon - these rare phenomena are produced by light reflected off the surface of the moon (rather than from direct sunlight) that refracts off moisture in the air. Guests on a Victoria Falls walking tour during peak high water season are likely to get wet from the spray, and the volume of spray makes it difficult to see the Falls properly at that time of year - an additional aerial view is then recommended. During very low water, better views of the Falls could be had from Livingstone Island; or a walking tour could be arranged on the Zimbabwe side of the Falls (an additional visa may be required depending on your nationality). Tours usually end with an opportunity for curio shopping in the adjacent open air market. 
  • CANOEING ON THE UPPER ZAMBEZI RIVER: Probably the best way to appreciate the beauty, peace and wildlife of the upper Zambezi River is to paddle slowly in a canoe, accompanied by a wildlife guide. Watch the kingfishers hover and dive; listen to the haunting call of the fish eagles and the grunts of the hippo; see elephant, buffalo, and other animals come down to drink; and explore the islands and waterways along the route of your canoe safari. 
  • FISHING (Catch & Release): The waters of the upper Zambezi River boast the powerful Tiger Fish, Bream (also called Tilapia) and the prized Upper Zambezi Yellow Fish. Spin fishing and fly fishing techniques are used, and fishing equipment is available for hire. Best time for Tiger Fishing is from June to August.
  • LOCAL VILLAGE TOUR: Interact with the villagers as they go about their daily activities.  Learn about their traditions, customs and beliefs. An authentic village is visited (not a purpose built tourist attraction) and it is a privilege to be welcomed into their community.
  • SPA TREATMENTS: Indulge in a range of spa treatments - including massages - available at high end lodges and hotels. Treatment areas are often integrated with nature so as to offer spectacular views of the Zambezi River.
  • MARAMBA MARKET: A guided visit to a colorful and vibrant local market in Livingstone, bustling with activity. Here the local people buy and sell everything: fruit and vegetables, grains and rice, pots and pans made out of old motor cars, farm tools, chickens, beads, clothes and brightly colored fabric. 
  • GAME DRIVE IN MOSI-OA-TUNYA NATIONAL PARK: Conducted in an open safari vehicle driven by a knowledgeable wildlife guide, in Mosi-oa-Tunya national park. This small park encompasses the Victoria Falls as well as a stretch of about 12 km along the river banks of the upper Zambezi River. White rhino, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, giraffe, zebra, several antelope species as well as numerous bird species flourish here. Elephant also often visit the park by swimming back and forth across the river.
  • WALKING SAFARI IN MOSI-OA-TUNYA NATIONAL PARK: Conducted at a leisurely pace in Mosi-oa-Tunya national park, accompanied by an armed park ranger. This small park encompasses the Victoria Falls as well as a stretch of about 12 km along the river banks of the upper Zambezi River. White Rhino, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, giraffe, zebra, several antelope species as well as numerous bird species flourish here. Elephant also often visit the park by swimming back and forth across the river. Enjoy being close to nature while sharing in the in-depth bush knowledge of the wildlife guide.  Refreshments are included. 
  • BIRDING: Specialist birding guides are available at select lodges. The area has over 400 bird species. 
  • BUNGEE JUMPING: In an unbeatable location - take the plunge off the Victoria Falls Bridge towards the rushing Zambezi River below, with the spectacular Falls as a backdrop and the Batoka Gorge directly ahead. At 111 meter it is one of the highest jumps in the world and offers four freefall seconds of pure adrenaline! You can tandem or go solo, do a standard head first dive, or jazz it up with a back flip. 
  • WHITE WATER RAFTING: Spectacular scenery, sunshine, warm water and a high concentration of superb grade 4 and grade 5 rapids make the Batoka Gorge below the Victoria Falls one of the greatest white water river rafting venues in the world. Whether you will join the masses that tip over on the way is between you, the guide and the mighty River... High water rafting and low water rafting are available seasonally. A combination of River Boarding and River Rafting is also available. Note that the descent into the gorge is on rough and steep pathways which, depending on the time of year, can also be slippery.
  • BATOKA GORGE ADRENALINE ACTIVITIES: There are three ways to release adrenaline by going over the edge of the cliff face: ABSEILING - slide 53 meters down the gorge on the end of a rope either facing the cliff face or looking down into the void. The walk out is up quite a steep slope but it is not that far. FLYING FOX - a cable slide across the gorge high above the floor. You can sit on the ‘chair’ or be strapped, face down, looking at the ground far below as you fly across the gorge. No walk out is necessary because you are pulled back. GORGE SWING - fling yourself over the edge in a body harness falling some 50 meters and swinging right across the gorge and back until the momentum runs out and you are lowered to the ground to walk out. You may spend a full day or a half day doing all three activities as often as you wish, dropping over the edge and climbing back up again. Single activities are also available.
  • MUSEUMS & HISTORICAL TOURS: The DAVID LIVINGSTONE MUSEUM houses memorabilia of one of the world's great explorers - the missionary, Dr. David Livingstone. There is an interesting collection of his belongings, and descriptions of his routes. A guided tour offers an interesting insight into his life and work.  The museum further holds an interesting section on the Stone Age people who first lived in this area and an African cultural section that includes displays on traditional living, medicines and witchcraft. The RAILWAY MUSEUM holds some of the finest examples of Zambia’s railway heritage, ranging from historic steam locomotives and vintage coaches to the tiniest railway memorabilia. An HISTORIC GUIDED TOUR OF LIVINGSTONE TOWN tells the story of the importance of this town at the beginning of European settlement and colonial rule in  Southern Africa, as well as of the colorful characters who created and inhabited the town.