Luxury safari South Luangwa National Park, Zambia - private safari package

Guests at Puku Ridge Camp on a walk in the South Luangwa National Park


Top reasons to choose a South Luangwa luxury safari

Breathtaking and untouched wilderness

The South Luangwa national park covers approximately 9000 square kilometers. The landscapes are scenic and diverse, ranging from dense forests of mopane and sausage trees, to wide open savanna punctuated only by the occasional lonely baobab, all hugged by the wide and winding Luangwa river. 

Luangwa river - lifeblood of the South Luangwa valley

The Luangwa River is one of the most intact major river systems in Africa. It not only defines the geography in the Luangwa valley, but also dictates its rhythms of life. Most of the accommodation options are found along the river edge and many animals can be seen even without having to leave the comfort of your veranda. In fact, elephants, hippos, giraffes, vervet monkeys, baboons, bush buck and others often wander through the grounds of the unfenced lodges and camps, adding to the already unique and truly wild African experience that the South Luangwa offers.

Legendary South Luangwa walking safaris

The concept of the now famous and legendary ‘walking safari’ was pioneered in the South Luangwa national park. And so where better to venture out into the bush on foot than here. It is still one of the finest ways to experience Africa’s pristine wilderness first hand and up close under the supervision of professional and knowledgeable armed guides.

One of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world

The game rich Luangwa valley hosts a wide variety of wildlife, birds and vegetation, with 60 different animal species recorded of which fourteen are antelope species that are commonly seen on game drives and walks. Intense game concentrations can be experienced. Some magnificent trees and plants grow in the Luangwa valley, including imposing baobabs, the beautiful tamarind tree and large ebony forests.

Valley of the leopard

The Luangwa valley is aptly named the ‘Valley of the Leopard’ as these animals are often encountered, as are lion. 

Superb birding opportunities

With about 400 of Zambia’s 732 species of birds appearing in the South Luangwa national park, including 39 birds of prey and 47 migrant species, there is plenty for the birdwatcher to spot, whatever the season. One of the special sights is the hundreds of brightly colored carmine bee-eaters nesting in the steep sandy banks of the Luangwa river. 

Our preferred South Luangwa national park luxury accommodation

On request your personal safari itinerary could include alternative camps and lodges in the South Luangwa national park.

Best time of year for a luxury safari in the South Luangwa national park

The changing seasons add to the richness of the South Luangwa national park. The landscape changes from dry, bare bushveld in winter, to lush and green in the summer months, and the seasonal changes are very pronounced. The dry season usually begins in April and intensifies through to October, the hottest month, when game concentrations are at their height. Warm sunny days and chilly nights typify the dry winter months of May to August. The wet season usually begins in November and lasts up until the end of March. Lodges and camps stay open for as long as access is possible, depending on their individual location in the area.

Contact us for a personalized Southern African luxury safari itinerary that includes the South Luangwa national park in Zambia

We create a private luxury African safari package, tailor-made to suit your own specific profile and requirements. We recommend to combine your luxury South Luangwa safari with a luxury adventure at Victoria Falls Zambia, or with other luxury lodges and safari camps in Zambia or elsewhere in Southern Africa. On request your luxury South Luangwa national park safari can also be combined with luxury safari camps and lodges in East Africa, but this will involve more travelling.

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