Savute luxury safaris in Chobe National Park, Botswana - private safari package

Luxury safari guests stop for sundowners under a baobab tree in the Savute corner of Chobe National Park - photo courtesy Stevie Mann


Top reasons to choose a Savute luxury safari in Chobe National Park Botswana

Dramatic predator interactions

Large lion prides have adapted to also hunt adult elephant, and spotted hyenas try to take on the 'king of the beasts'.

Large mature elephant bulls

A Savute luxury safari  in Chobe National Park is bound to deliver great elephant sightings, especially of mature old bulls.

Majestic baobab landscape

In the drier parts of Savute, majestic baobab trees grace the skyline on a luxury safari game drive.

Zebra annual summer migration

After the summer rains have fallen, herds of zebra migrate from elsewhere in Northern Botswana into the Savute to graze.

Enigmatic Savute channel, currently flowing

An erratic water course that feeds the Savute marsh and seems to flow or dry up independently of rainfall patterns.

Rock paintings in the Gubatsa Hills

Select Savute luxury safari lodges offer an excursion to view the San rock paintings in the Gubatsa Hills.

Luxury camping: connect with nature in a more intimate way

Select operators offer fully serviced luxury camping in the Savute corner of Chobe National Park.

Our preferred Savute luxury safari accommodation, lodges and camps

On request your private luxury safari itinerary could include alternative Savute luxury safari camps or Savute luxury lodges.

Best time of year for a Botswana luxury safari at Savute in Chobe National Park

Savute is a year-round safari destination. During the dry season animals congregate on the banks of the Savute channel, while the green season brings on the zebra migration and sees the arrival of migrant birds. 

Book our Savute private luxury safari packages in Botswana's Chobe National Park and experience a tailor-made luxury Southern African safari that is beyond words!

We will design a private luxury African safari package, tailor-made to suit your own specific profile and requirements. We recommend to combine your Savute luxury safari with a luxury adventure at Victoria Falls, or with other luxury lodges and safari camps in Botswana or even elsewhere in Southern Africa. On request your Savute luxury safari in Chobe National Park can also be combined with luxury safari camps and lodges in East Africa, but this will involve more travelling.

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