Luxury safari Kafue National Park, Zambia - private safari package

Getting up close to the wildlife on a luxury safari at Shumba Camp in Kafue National Park


Top reasons to choose a Kafue luxury safari in Zambia

An untouched and remote wilderness for game viewing with barely another soul in sight

Kafue National Park epitomizes the remote, wild and diverse characteristics of the Zambian wilderness. The park is one of the largest in Africa and large tracks of pristine wilderness remain mostly unexplored, especially in the northern Kafue. Due to the remoteness of the area, the luxury camps and lodges in Kafue national park are not quite as luxurious as accommodation offerings in other Zambian parks. However, thanks to this same remoteness they can offer a very high degree of exclusivity and excellent game viewing with barely another soul in sight.

Spectacular Busanga Plains - one of the prime wildlife areas in Zambia

The lush grazing on the wide open seasonally flooded grasslands of Busanga in the remote far north-west of Kafue national park sustains abundant wildlife. The range of diverse habitat types - grassland fringed by miombo woodland, muddy channels and hippo pools, palm islands and fragmented papyrus swamps - provides for a rich variety of animals. Kafue national park is said to be home to more species of antelope than any other national park south of the Congo basin.

Large herds of plains game

As the dry season progresses and the floodplains dry up, large herds of puku, lechwe, wildebeest and buffalo move onto the expansive plains to graze.

Rare species not easily viewed elsewhere in Southern Africa 

These include roan antelope, oribi and lichtenstein’s hartebeest. The shy sitatunga can also be seen.

The famous lions of Kafue

Lion viewing is spectacular, with large prides - as many as twenty strong - often seen. The wealth of game in the area attracts many predators. Cheetah and wild dog utilize those areas where lion are not present. Leopard are elusive but may occasionally be spotted on a night drive.

Prolific bird life

With almost 500 bird species recorded in Kafue national park, birding can be very rewarding. Busanga is also one of the few known breeding sites for the endangered wattled crane and it is not uncommon to see large numbers of these rare birds, sometimes mixed with the iconic crowned cranes, as they form mega-flocks to scour the plains in search of food.

Sunrise and sunset over the Busanga Plains

In winter, as the mist rises off the floodplains, sunrise and sunset over the Busanga Plains are incredibly beautiful, with the sky turning a spectacular pink color shrouded in mist above the floodplains teeming with wildlife and birds.

Hot air balloon safari

Drift over the scenic splendor of the game filled Busanga Plains in a hot air balloon. This activity is seasonal.

Our preferred Kafue luxury safari camp

On request your personal safari itinerary could include alternative luxury Kafue camps or lodges.

Best time of year for a luxury safari in Kafue National Park

The dry season in the Kafue normally runs from June to October, with most of the park being inaccessible during the wetter months. Kafue National Park has wonderfully mild temperatures thanks to its altitude, averaging 1100m above sea level. In October and November it is generally cooler in the Kafue compared to the Luangwa or Zambezi valleys. 

 Contact us for a personalized African luxury safari itinerary that includes Busanga Plains in Kafue National Park

We create a private luxury African safari package, tailor-made to suit your own specific profile and requirements. We recommend to combine your luxury Kafue safari with a luxury adventure at Victoria Falls Zambia, or with other luxury lodges and safari camps in Zambia or elsewhere in Southern Africa. On request your luxury Kafue national park safari can also be combined with luxury safari camps and lodges in East Africa, but this will involve more travelling.