Luxury beach break Zanzibar Spice Islands, Tanzania - private package

AndBeyond Mnemba Island - an exclusive secluded Zanzibar luxury resort just off the northeastern tip of Zanzibar main island


Top reasons to choose a Zanzibar luxury beach break in Tanzania

Post-safari extension

The Bush and Beach combination of an African Safari and Beach holiday is ever popular and Zanzibar is an easy add-on to any East African safari itinerary. Safaris are highly rewarding but after a week or more of getting up at the crack of dawn and adrenaline pumping at thrilling game sightings, body and mind can do with a few days of relaxation on a beautiful Indian Ocean island beach before returning to the stress and demands of everyday life.

Marine safari

A Zanzibar luxury beach holiday offers superb opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving on pristine coral reefs rich in marine life, for both beginners and experts. Encounters with bottlenose dolphins, turtles and seasonal humpback whales add to the wonder of the underwater safari experience. 

Romance, relaxation and adventure

A Zanzibar luxury resort is the perfect place to spoil a loved one or to 'get away from it all'. Relax in the shade of your beach banda overlooking the ocean, take a long walk on the pristine white sand, cool off in the turquoise Indian Ocean waters, spend balmy evenings dining on the beachfront, enjoy a pampering spa treatment or massage. And if your idea of relaxation is a bit more active than this, go exploring in a sea kayak or take a reef walk, do some stand up paddle boarding or sailing, learn how to scuba dive on Zanzibar, get expert instruction to improve your kite surfing or windsurfing skills, go deep sea fishing, or try your hand at fly-fishing from the beach. An outing to the Jozani forest, one of the last remaining sanctuaries of the rare red colobus monkey, is a popular excursion a little further afield.

Exotic Swahili culture

The fabled Spice Islands of Zanzibar have a romantic, colorful history of seafarers and explorers, of raiders and colonizers, of riches and tragedy, and of the dark stain of slavery. Zanzibar is the historic home of Swahili culture, language and cuisine - a mixture of African, Arab, Persian and Indian elements that fused together over hundreds of years. There are various ways in which you can experience this unique heritage: breathe in the fragrant scents of cloves, vanilla, cardamom and nutmeg during a spice tour on the main island; savor classic Swahili dishes or learn to cook the Swahili way with local spices; learn a few Swahili keywords and phrases; listen to Taarab music and watch traditional Swahili song and dance; use Zanzibari furniture handmade by local artisans who have perfected the art of woodcarving for which Zanzibar is so famous; join an experienced Zanzibar seafarer in sailing a traditional Swahili dhow; visit a local village and see how Zanzibaris shop, live and work.

Historic Stone Town, where the sultans once ruled

Here little has changed over the last 200 years and unfortunately many of the buildings are neglected. Even so, the fascinating architectural mix and the relics of its majestic past are worth seeing on a guided Stone Town tour. Stone Town is a place of winding alleys, bazaars, mosques and once grand Arab houses, their former extravagance reflected in their brass-studded and intricately carved wooden doors. Stone Town is inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site in Tanzania, as a outstanding example of an East African Swahili coastal trading town.

Our preferred Zanzibar luxury accommodation

On request your personal itinerary could include alternative Zanzibar hotels or resorts.

Make a difference in an African community - book a Zanzibar luxury beach break

By taking a Zanzibar luxury beach vacation, you are helping to uplift the island community and preserve their unique Swahili culture. The Zanzibar Collection - of which Baraza Resort and Spa forms a part - is committed to supporting and celebrating the cultural identity of Zanzibar, the skills of its local craftsmen, and its iconic art forms. At Baraza, traditional Swahili song and dance are featured, and a Taarab band plays music that one would have heard at the court of the sultans. The architecture and interiors at Baraza honor and reinforce iconic Swahili designs, traditions and skills. The art of intricate cement carving is such a skill. Beautiful designs inlaid in plaster can be seen on the walls of the Zanzibar luxury villas at Baraza and throughout the resort.

The owners of Baraza Resort and Spa have their roots in East Africa and are committed to working with and supporting the local community. Ninety percent of their staff are graduates of the local hotel school. Staff members rise through the ranks and become managers. English lessons and other life skills training is provided to the staff. The Baraza for Bwejuu Charity was instrumental in establishing the Bwejuu maternity and children's clinic in the village and still gives it ongoing support. It also supports the local school and the Bwejuu village in general. Supplies for Baraza boutique resort are sourced from the villagers wherever possible, and this includes buying the 'catch of the day' from the local fishermen. During your stay at Baraza luxury boutique hotel on Zanzibar, you could arrange to visit the Bwejuu village and see how Zanzibaris shop, live and work. All proceeds from this tour go to the village fund, and donations to the Baraza for Bwejuu Charity are welcome too. 

There is no resident community on Mnemba Island. However, andBeyond Mnemba Island lodge supports and works closely with communities on the main Zanzibar island. Support is given to their schools and the villagers are assisted to develop vegetable gardens. Mnemba erected a windmill and sponsors regular beach clean-ups in those communities.

Support conservation efforts on Zanzibar

Sea turtles in Tanzania are under threat as a result of centuries of human exploitation for food, oil, leather and ornaments, as well as mortality associated with incidental capture in the fishing industry, marine and land-based pollution and degradation of feeding habitats. Unregulated coastal development poses a significant threat to nesting beaches. In Bwejuu, Baraza runs an innovative turtle rescue program in conjunction with the local fishermen. Mnemba Island is one of only a few protected nesting sites of the threatened green turtle. Staff at andBeyond Mnemba Island carefully monitor and protect the nests, and collaborate with Sea Sense on data sharing and training.

Best time of year for a Zanzibar luxury beach holiday

Being close to the equator, the Zanzibar climate is warm throughout the year and Zanzibar luxury holiday accommodation stay open all year round. Average daily temperatures range between 24˚C and 30˚C, and night time temperatures rarely drop below 19˚C. Pleasant sea breezes often cool down the beach areas. Small amounts of rain may fall any time of the year, but the main rainy season (Long Rains) is usually from mid-March through to the end of May. Even so, it does not rain every day during that period; typically the average number of rainy days in April or March is only 11. The secondary rainy season (Short Rains) usually runs from November through to mid-December and is characterized by short rain showers that do not last long. During this period it can be windy at times resulting in a choppy ocean.

Contact us for a personalized African luxury safari itinerary that includes Zanzibar

We create a private luxury African safari package, tailor-made to suit your own specific profile and requirements. We recommend to combine your luxury Zanzibar beach break with luxury lodges and  safari camps in Tanzania or elsewhere in East Africa. On request your luxury Zanzibar marine safari can also be combined with luxury safari camps and lodges in Southern Africa, but this will involve more travelling.

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