Luxury safari Lake Manyara, Tanzania - private safari package

The flamingo migration to Lake Manyara is an awesome sight but difficult to predict (photo courtesy Chem Chem)


Top reasons to choose a Lake Manyara luxury safari

Scenic settings

View abundant wildlife against the backdrops of Lake Manyara - seasonally colored pink by thousands of migratory flamingos, and the eastern edge of the Great Rift Valley escarpment. 

Huge flocks of large birds

Thousands of pink flamingos on their perpetual migration in Tanzania, pelicans, storks, sacred ibis, cormorants, grey crowned cranes, ducks and geese congregate along the alkaline shores of Lake Manyara.

Slow Safari

Only available at Chem Chem lodge. The perfect ending to an East Africa luxury safari. Connect sensually and tangibly with nature - see, feel, touch and smell, outside the confines of a vehicle. Slow down and recharge your batteries: walk in the wilderness; picnic in the bush; sit for a while surrounded by natural splendor; read a book on the terrace of your tented suite while giraffe and zebra slowly wander by; enjoy a drink in complete solitude at the edge of Lake Manyara; watch the sun set in spectacular surroundings; dine under the stars.... Africa moves slowly - take your time to appreciate it. 

Authentic local community interactions

Only available on a luxury Chem Chem slow safari. Learn bush skills and track animals with a Maasai warrior; or accompany him on a leisurely jog as the sun rises. Visit the local village, see community projects and interact with the school children.

Up close game viewing

Maasai giraffe, large troops of olive baboon, family groups of elephant, herds of buffalo, zebra, hippo, wildebeest, and a good variety of smaller animals are all present in Lake Manyara National Park and adjacent Chem Chem private reserve. Tree climbing lions are occasionally seen on a Lake Manyara luxury safari, relaxing in the branches of acacia trees, as high as seven meters from the ground.

Superb birding

More than 400 bird species have been recorded in Lake Manyara National Park and adjacent Chem Chem private concession, and serious birders often see upwards of a hundred bird species in a single day. The seasonal courtship dance of the beautiful grey crowned crane is a highlight.

Interesting and varied landscapes

A variety of habitats occur - lush forests, grassy floodplains, acacia woodlands, swamps, striking white soda lake shores in the dry season, and the watery expanse of the lake. Lake Manyara National Park is one of the smallest but most diverse national parks in Tanzania.

Our preferred Lake Manyara luxury accommodation 

On request your personal safari itinerary could include alternative Lake Manyara lodges or safari camps. 

Make a difference in an African community - book a Lake Manyara luxury safari

Your luxury safari trip to Lake Manyara has a positive impact on the people, landscape and wildlife. Chem Chem is the main partner organisation of the LiveWildlife Foundation, an organisation that works to promote and facilitate the protection of rural Tanzania’s natural heritage in a way that also benefits the community. LiveWildlife aims to achieve this through targeted environmental projects that bring the interests of the residents and the environment together; and by supporting the state education system through infrastructure development and environmental education. There are various ways in which you could contribute to their projects. Chem Chem Safaris is also a member of Pack for a Purpose and you are invited to view the list of supplies that are needed in the communities surrounding Chem Chem. 

Support conservation efforts near Lake Manyara 


The community-owned Burunge Wildlife Management Area where Chem Chem safaris are located, is an effort to rescue a last wildlife migratory corridor between the tranquil shores of Lake Manyara National Park and the ancient landscape of Tarangire National Park. The significance of the area for conservation is high. Large buffalo herds use this corridor to move in and out of Tarangire and the area attracts thousands of migratory water birds. Chem Chem safaris provide work to villagers in the corridor, train game wardens, and generate tourism revenue for the community, thus relieving the pressure on the wildlife populations. The natural vegetation in Burunge is recuperating, and wildlife numbers are growing well. 

Best time of year for a luxury safari at Lake Manyara


The Lake Manyara area has a warm temperate climate year round. Maximum day temperatures range from 25 to 30°C (77 to 86°F) and minimum night temperatures range from 14 to 18°C (59 to 63°F). June is the coolest month. The hottest months are November to March. The dry season usually runs from June to October. This is an excellent time for big game viewing as the vegetation is sparse, and the animals tend to gather at the waterholes. Migrant birds start arriving from October onward. The wetter months are best for birding. In November the dusty savanna gets transformed into a lush green landscape by the ‘short rains’ - light rain showers that usually continue into December. Occasional light rain may occur during the green season, from December to March. This is calving season and a fantastic time to see all the young animals, as well as the thousands of flamingos that usually migrate to Lake Manyara at this time of year. But be warned - it is more difficult to accurately predict the movements of the flamingo migration than it is to predict the movement of the Great wildebeest migration! Rainfall peaks in April and May with heavy showers falling, and many lodges and camps are closed over this period.

Contact us for a personalized African luxury safari itinerary that includes Lake Manyara


We create a private luxury African safari package, tailor-made to suit your own specific profile and requirements. We recommend to combine your luxury Lake Manyara safari with other luxury lodges and  safari camps in Tanzania or elsewhere in East Africa. On request your luxury Lake Manyara safari can also be combined with luxury safari camps and lodges in Southern Africa, but this will involve more travelling. 

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