Luxury safari Chyulu Hills in Amboseli ecosystem, Kenya - private safari package

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Top reasons to choose a Chyulu Hills luxury safari in Amboseli ecosystem

One of the most scenic spaces in Kenya 

Amboseli ecosystem, which incorporates Chyulu Hills, offers an iconic luxury African safari in a place of timeless beauty where Kilimanjaro - Africa’s highest mountain - forms the picturesque backdrop. 

275 000 acres of immaculate, private wild Africa

This is Mbirikani group ranch, bordering the foothills of the Chyulu Hills national park. It offers an exclusive and luxurious Chyulu Hills safari experience, away from the mass tourism that is found inside the national parks. 

Unusual geological landscape 

The Chyulu hills are a chain of relatively young volcanic mountains wedged between Amboseli national park and Tsavo West national park. It is an unusual geological landscape that consists of sheer black lava ridges often beautified by red-hot poker trees, rolling green hills, mist forests, lakes and springs, and surrounding open grass plains. 

Rich biodiversity of animals and plants 

Amboseli ecosystem covers the area between Mt. Kilimanjaro, Chyulu Hills, Tsavo West national park and the Kenya/Tanzania border. It incorporates Amboseli national park and six Maasai group ranches of which Mbirikani at Chyulu Hills is one. The varied topography and habitat of the Amboseli ecosystem result in one of the richest wildlife areas in Africa. Elephant, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, hartebeest and gazelle migrate with the rains in search of new green shoots and in the dry season congregate around permanent swamps and springs. An array of predators, including lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena, are attracted to these watering points where prey is abundant. The dry bush country plays host to giraffe, eland, gerenuk, lesser kudu and a host of smaller animals. Bird life is prolific. 

Variety of exciting safari activities

Apart from the usual open vehicle game drives that are offered, guests on a luxury African safari package at Mbirikani can track and view wildlife from a mountain bike, from horseback or on a guided safari walk. Late afternoon and early evening game drives offer the opportunity to spot elusive nocturnal species. Guests can visit the Maasai villages on the ranch, without a sense of voyeurism. These are authentic cultural visits that provide insight into the lifestyle and traditions of the Maasai. A day trip to nearby Amboseli national park can be arranged. Although the national park is not as exclusive as Mbirikani group ranch, it is well-loved. Amboseli national park is famous for big game and great scenic beauty - it offers spectacular views of towering Mount Kilimanjaro. Large concentrations of wildlife occur here in the dry season, and majestic elephants can be seen in large herds. Observation Hill inside the park allows an overall view of the park. The swamp below the hill hosts elephants, buffaloes, hippos and a variety of water fowls like pelican and Egyptian geese.  

Our preferred Chyulu Hills luxury accommodation in Amboseli ecosystem

On request your personal safari itinerary could include alternative Chyulu Hills and Amboseli camps or lodges.

Make a difference in an African community - book a Chyulu Hills & Amboseli luxury safari

Ol Donyo lodge is proudly associated with the community projects of Big Life Foundation. Donations can be channeled through Big Life Foundation or support can be given through Pack for a Purpose.

Support conservation efforts at Chyulu Hills in Amboseli ecosystem

Mbirikani group ranch plays a vital role in the protection of the wildlife of Chyulu Hills. Here some of Africa’s last giant elephant bulls roam freely, and the critically endangered eastern black rhino lurk in the dense forests.The haunting calls of leopard interrupt the night, and the lion of Kilimanjaro are being pulled back from the brink of annihilation through innovative programs such as the Big Life Foundation Predator Compensation Fund, which pays the Maasai for livestock that is killed by predators, in return for a cessation of all lion killing. Black rhino is one of the most endangered species on earth. The rhino population of the Chyulu Hills represents one of the last wild populations in Kenya (most rhino today are kept in fenced sanctuaries), and its survival is key if there is to be any hope for the future of this species in the wild. Big Life Foundation runs a Chyulu Hills Rhino programme that provides security for the small but extremely important population of elusive black rhino that occur on the ranch and in the adjacent Chyulu Hills National Park.

Best time of year for a luxury safari at Chyulu Hills and Amboseli

Chyulu Hills near Amboseli is a year-round luxury safari destination. The warmest months are from October to April with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 20°C/68°F to a maximum of 34°C/94°F. The coolest months are from May to September with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 11°C/52°F to a maximum of 25°C/78°F. The normal rainy seasons are from March to May (long rains) and November to December (short rains). 

Contact us for a personalized African luxury safari itinerary that includes Chyulu Hills in Amboseli ecosystem

We create a private luxury African safari package, tailor-made to suit your own specific profile and requirements. We recommend to combine your luxury Chyulu Hills safari and Amboseli safari with other luxury lodges and safari camps in Kenya or elsewhere in East Africa. On request your luxury Chyulu Hills safari and Amboseli safari can also be combined with luxury safari camps and lodges in Southern Africa, but this will involve more travelling.

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